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Accomodation service

One of the most important things to take care of once you decide to go abroad is to find a cozy place to stay. To make sure you will feel confortable and enjoy your stay, our accomodation service can help you find the right room in Brussels. Our knowledge of the Brussels (student) housing market as well as our contacts to local landlords will help us matching your needs to the available offer.

Did you know (?) that : In general students use to share appartments or houses and their rent in Belgium. Shared housing is the best possibility to make new friends and spend great moments giving you the oppoprtunity to further improve your language skills. Such student accomodations are called “Kot” which has its origins in the Flemish language…

Depending on your preferences, your budget and the duration of your stay, you will be able to chose between individual housing or shared flats or houses. Should you wish to make use of our accomodation service, drop us a mail at:


Example 1: Host family

This cozy room is a 15 m2 room equiped with a double bed and is situated in the north of Brussels. To the city center it is only a 10 minutes tram ride or a 15-20 minutes walk. The owner of the house lives just downstairs and is called Joelle (59). Origially Joelle is French and a nice host that enjoys good discussions and food. This room can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and is hence the perfect choice to stay during one of our language classes. 

Example 2 : Shared flat with friends

If you are multiple people coming at the same time, you might want to share an appartment together. An example would be the following appartment situated very close to the place Flagey, one of the best reputated areas among students in Brussels.

Example 3 : Students’ co-habitation

This is the most typical way to live as a Belgian student. Often entire houses are split up among 4-12 students and used with a common kitchen and bathroom(s) as accomodation. This room for example is situated in Etterbeek and hence close to all EU-institutions. Its situated on the 2nd floor of a house that is shared by four students. 

Example 4 : University residence

All universities in Belgium maintain a network of students’ accomodation. Depending on the specific institution those accomodations can be more or less well equiped (TV, laundry room, pool billard room etc…) but all of them have of course bathrooms, kitchens and an internet connection. However, all of these accomodations have the advantage to be quite well situated, to be neat and clean and to be relatively cheap (since they are often partly government financed). Mostly you will have the choice between shared flats and single room accomodations.

(Please note that all possibilities of accommodation depend on availibilities which may vary depending on the season. Prices are purely indicative)