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Even though Brussels is an international city in which you will hear many different languages, the language spoken on the street and in the shops in nevertheless French. Hence, you will have plenty of possibilities to practice your newly acquired skills.
In our “General French” class you will learn everything that you will need to manage your every day life in a French speaking country, in particular:
– doing your grocery
– writing letters
– meeting people
– introducing yourself
“French with business elements” is a French language training at beginners’ level.This class will give you a good introduction into the French language and culture. In particular you will learn:
– Presenting and introducing yourself
– Arrange agendas / meetings
– Answer the telephone and provide basic information
– Applying for a job
– Communicating efficiently via e-mail and letters
Besides the language class a wide range of free time activities will be offered to the students. Those activities are of course all linked to the French language and will help the students to recognize the beauty and importance of the world’s most charming language.
Examples might be a movie night or a weekend trip to Paris.At the end of the course every student will face the final exam in order to assess his or her progress.The result of this exam will be communicated to you in the form of a language certificate testifying your participation in our private language training.