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The European Language Center

The European Language Center is a private language school situated in probably the  world’s most international city: Brussels. Our mission is to help students improving their language skills and giving them the opportunity to gain valuable experience abroad.

Our product portfolio can be divided into two activities, depending on the moving direction of the student :

For students willing to study either a foreign language or an entire Bachelor/Master program in Belgium the European Language Center offers a wide range of possibilities. Depending on your needs the EULC will be able to customize an offer for you : Individual language training? TOEFL, DELF, DALF preparation classes? Summer Schools or customized group arrangements for you and your friends? Everything is possible.

Language trainings
The European Language Center offers language classes in the languages French, English, German, Dutch and Spanish throughout the year. These trainings may either be individual classes or classes given in small groups.
Opting for individual classes has the advantage that the student’s learning curriculum, schedule as well as the amount of hours a student would like to take can be discussed on a one to one basis ; participating in group sessions can enhance the language skills with valuable interactions among the students. It’s up to you to decide.*

Summer School
Every year in summer the European Language Center offers a summer school to its students. Summer schools are perfect to fill the gap between the school years, but can also be a great possibility to prepare for an ERASMUS stay, vacations or any other future stay in a foreign country. During the summer schools language classes are merged with practical workshops (conferences, seminars etc…), as well as activities (guided tours, trips, movie nights etc…) in order to guarantee an unforgettable experience to our students.

Studying in Belgium – Bachelor / Master
There are multiple reasons why Belgium is a great place to study. Students can chose among six destinations and a couple of hundered different Bachelor and Master programs giving the student access to diplomas of some of the oldest and most prestigeous universities of Europe.

For students based in Belgium willing to go abroad to train their language skills the European Language Center offers multiple possibilities through its steadily growing network of partnerships (outbound activity). The languages that can be learnt abroad are English (in the United Kingdom), French and Arabic (in Morocco) as well as Russian (in Latvia and in Russia).

Depending on the destination, students can train their language and personal skills through different activities such as internships, language classes, courses in Arabic caligraphy, social projects etc…